2014 stats reveal 92% of people are searching online for products and services

This impressive stat along with other valuable information came from the extensive 2014 sensis e-Business Report that I have just finished reading. The report gives a wide view of small business internet usage, computer ownership, website ownership and social media usage. Useful information in relation to helping small business understand and confirm the ever increasing need for various online marketing tools like a website, social media, yellow pages, google+ and other directories. Here are a few of the other stats from within the report

• 65% of small businesses now have a website. (That still leaves 35% of small businesses not taking advantage of this marketing tool.)

• 39% of Small Business use social media

• 98% of small business use a computer

• In 1997 23% of small businesses had internet connection compared with 95% in 2014


Whats revealed in the sensis e-Business report is the continued sharp growth in online use and the massive benefits to small business to get involved by having a website and social media presence.

Within the report Sensis highly recommend the need for all small business to have a website to complement listing in yellow pages.

Short version Sensis-eBusiness-Report-2014



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