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Small Business networking Ballarat 2017 groups for your business

Why Networking An internet presence for a Small Business is imperative these days from website, facebook, linkedin, email campaigns, etc these online elements all help build trust and exposure for your business. Another very powerful but very under utilised component of small business marketing locally is getting involved with business [...]

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10 good reasons a website is important to your business

1.) The financial return on investment is very high. Its up 24/7 and can be updated to reflect your current business trends quickly and easily. 2.) Potential clients can get information about you and your business 24hrs a day 3.) Having a professional website allows for potential customer to gain trust in your [...]

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Why Trades & Small Business must have mobile friendly websites 2015

The increase in mobile devices used to search online for and educate us about business, services and products is exploding. A mobile friendly web design gives users a better experience. For example, users don't have to fool around with zooming and shrinking the text or images on screen. All content [...]

Logo & website design gets Cook’nWash ready to serve

As a cook Tim Andrew has encountered his fair share of back of house problems like cooks calling in sick, cooks going on holidays and walkouts. This prompted his new venture Cook'nWash cook & kitchen hand service. To help get his business off the ground Lateral Design developed a logo [...]

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Australian Small Business websites & online user stats

2014 stats reveal 92% of people are searching online for products and services This impressive stat along with other valuable information came from the extensive 2014 sensis e-Business Report that I have just finished reading. The report gives a wide view of small business internet usage, computer ownership, website ownership [...]

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Adam Dovile builds houses! Leaves website building to us

As part of Adam Dovile's (Better Homes and Gardens) online presence campaign Lateral Design Group was given the job to deliver a simple clean website to compliment his twitter, instagram and Facebook accounts. The end result was a responsive mobile ready website that looks smart, easy to read and navigate. [...]

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Pull up banners excellent small business promotional tool

Networking and self promotion are a givin too keep a small business thriving. Lateral Design use pull up banners as a great way to engage with people quickly when at expos and conferences pull up banners are able to tell our story quickly to a prospective clients. The key to [...]

How to create effective pull up banners: 7 tips

Keep content minimal and to the point - Crucial for a banner to work effectively, foot traffic past your stand are glancing. Check Spelling and get someone to proof read - Although minimal text should be used it is still easy to miss those dreaded spelling errors. Get to the [...]

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Who said catalogues were dead!

Certainly not Excision. In fact they have just received a pallet load of 2014 catalogues and are shipping them out all over Australia. While many companies move towards online catalogues Excision recognises the need for both options Jonathon Thomas, Excision marketing manager said "Feedback from our customers showed they still [...]

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Why your small business needs a Website!

The question of does my business need a website comes up quite regularly with people and clients in conversation. The simple answer to this is yes! The fact is today's society has the power to search online instantly for any information, using mobile phones, ipads and desktop computers. People are [...]

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