To plonk a pretty picture with text and call it a logo is like painting
your car red and calling it a ferrari!

Logos are more than an icon with some text stuck under it, over it or through it! They should live, breath and express the business/product they represent.





A well created logo can express a lot about who and what a business is about. While not a brand it’s self a logo represents part of the visual branding for businesses. Remembering logos along with other visual branding are at the fore front of any business and have the power to persuade. A strong logo sends out a clear professional message and attracts positive attention.

When creating a logo the key responsibility for a designer is to gather information and research on and about the business or product. The resulting logo is the harmonious collaboration of knowledge and creativity which will express the business or product in the best way.

So start looking around, it wont take long to see well constructed logos compared to pretty pictures with text.

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Your image has the power embrace it!