The question of does my business need a website comes up quite regularly with people and clients in conversation.

The simple answer to this is yes!

The fact is today’s society has the power to search online instantly for any information, using mobile phones, ipads and desktop computers. People are information junkies and expect to find out what they want to know online and right away. Who hasn’t been at a gathering where our friend Mr Google has solved a problem?

Why do I need one

99% of Australians are online each week, people searching for business and products online is at 98% (stats from Yellow social media report 2016)

Having a web presence is essential. Taking advantage of the shift from printed listings to google searches for small business has increased enormously with the introduction of the smart phone, tablet and faster wireless connection

Before a call to action comes a search online to see a few local businesses and their offerings, at this point people are browsing piecing together their puzzle. They want to feel comfortable with the business they are going to deal with.

A professional business website allows you and your business the ability to build a rapour with this perspective customer simply by sharing information like about us pages, images, past projects, current deals, testimonials and services to name a few, these all help in building your credibility with this perspective customer. If you can tick most boxes you have a high chance they will take a call to action and contact you.



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