All projects have different criteria whether developing a new visual brand or expanding on existing visual marketing material, Two things remain constent, good communication and proven processes will develop functional target driven design.

5 common processes lateral design goes through for developing effective visual identity and branding,

1. The Discovery Meeting

This discussion covers aspects of who, what, why you are, as well as aspects of your current client base, your future direction.
A series of prompting questions are the key to driving this discussion, usually takes place at your office and involves 1 to 4 people.

2. Background Research

The information obtained from meeting gives relevant directions to take in regards to research.

3. Persona 

From information gained from meetings and research, a target audience character profile is constructed, this fictional person’s demograph helps in focusing on who the customer is their likes and dislikes what goals they have etc. Making it easy to keep who the audience is for the rest of the project.

4. Brand Generation

Using the information already gained and brainstorming techniques. This creative step gives the company/product life, in turn bringing meaning and descriptive words that express it. This is the foundation for your visual identity.

5. Visual Strategy 

This involves establishing fonts, colours schemes, icons, symbols etc that are inline with the brand profile.

Logos come under visual strategy, developing logos draw on all of the above processes, a well developed logo will embody your brand strongly.

These are common steps lateral design takes to develop visual brands, these steps are modified according to the graphic design project.